Pão Nosso (Inglês)

Cod. barra: 9788579450365


    Presently, the distress of everyday life is so compelling that it usually deviates us from improvement. The stress caused by our customary duties and the unavoidable appeal of the gradeur of the ephemeron pleasures that material life offers attempts to keep us from approaching the real values that will move us towards spiritual progress. However, as the artisans of our own destiny, we have to take the steps that will inevitable lead us to a higher level of evolvement. In order to cope with all the difficulties and the struggles of life in this world, we must turn ourselves to the good and wise helpers that God sends to our way. The Spirit Emmanuel is definitely one of them. Trough this simple but wise book, OUR DAILY BREAD, written through the pen of the medium Francisco Cândido Xavier, he humbly offers his help to us through the recipe that we all need in order to move onward with our journey towards righteousness. The wide range of messages that comprise this marvelous opuscule covers a varied extent of situations that we all face in our everyday lives, and Emmanuel?s counseling are opportune and clear. May everyone that comes across the pages of this devoted work of our brother Emmanuel finds the help needed to succed.
    • Médium: Francisco Cândido Xavier
    • Espírito: Emmanuel
    • Páginas:
    • 374
    • Formato:
    • 14 x 21cm