Ha dois mil anos (Inglês)

Cod. barra: 9788579450174


    The humility of the Spirit Emmanuel gives us this account of physical existence it was the Roman Senator Publius Lentulus pride and obtained appointment to high office in Palestine at the time that Jesus conveyed to humanity the teachings of his Gospel.

    This psychic book, Francisco Candido Xavier, the reader will know a new face of the History of Christianity in the first century, the daily lives of arrogant and prejudiced patrician families as opposed to fraternal simplicity of the early followers of the Gospel, as well as the poignant encounter proud representative of Caesar with Jesus.

    Punctuated by suffering and joy, splendor and misery, power and slavery, revenge and jealousy, hatred and slander, cruelty and kindness, gentleness and forgiveness, we s story of Senator Publius Lentulus, his daughter and his loving wife Livia, converted to sublime teachings of Jesus, and one of the only people who tried to prevent his crucifixion.