Entre a Terra e o Céu (Inglês)

Cod. barra: 9788579454776


    This is a novel that offes information about the relationship that exists in the activities of the spirit on the two planes of life.

    Renewing his interest in our inner improvement, Andre Luiz tells the moving story of Amaro, Zulmira, Odila and other characters, recounting the events of their previous lives from the time of Brazil?s war with Paraguay (1864-1870) through the days of old Rio de Janeiro ( early 1900s).

    In its prefaxe, Emmanuel assures us thet ?The basic pictures of the narrative are intimately familiar to us,??such as family  dysfunctions, the torment of jealousy , and the daily struggle for progress.

    Each page of Between Heaven and Earth discloses new knowledge and emotions.