Cinquenta Anos Depois (Inglês)

Cod. barra: 9788579454288


    In this novel Emmanuel tells us a story linked to Christianity in the second century. In it, some characters in the book “Two Thousand Years Ago” return to earthly journey experiencing, clearly, the law of cause and effect. One of the central characters of that work, Senator Publius Lentulus, presents this in a new guise, incarnated as a slave: Nestorius. This shows slave, on his return to Earth, a more humble posture, now a category that his proud heart was trampled in the previous existence. The Lord’s mercy allows you to repair, the personality of Nestor, the excesses and arbitrariness committed in the past, when invested with the government, assumed in his vanity, keep all the rights and powers in his hands. The main character of this book is, however, a woman, Celia. Sublime heart, whose divine heroism was, in the words of Emmanuel, a light on the road of numerous bitter and suffering spirits. She understood and lived the lessons of Jesus in the painful course of its existence